Comprehensive AI-Driven Return to Operations Strategies

There is no one size fits all solution for any business looking to develop its Return to Operations (RTO) Strategy.

Losci helps clients reimagine the potential of their space and staff.

With tools that quickly and effectively deliver spatial and schedule insights, we can help the client realize the appropriate space configuration and work schedules.

The Office is Changing

Offices are transforming from where we work to where we collaborate and communicate. This shift to a hybrid work environment requires new tools and approaches to ensure workplace efficiency. Losci’s tools have the ability to model the impacts on space given a dynamic environment with customized work schedules. This is done without the need for expensive sensors or studies.

To do this, digital twins of the space and anonymized staff are created using propensity models built from decades of human movement experience. A suite of analytics can then be applied to understand impacts on utilization, safety, collaboration, and efficiency for each reentry strategy. These models can easily be changed so that the client can evaluate multiple scenarios within days to confidently optimize their environment.

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