Nearly three decades ago I began my career as an Industrial Engineer at Intel Corp., simulating all aspects of their wafer fabrication factories, leading to billions of dollars of impact. I wanted to bring similar capabilities to other clients and industries to help them realize outsized gains as well. I reached out to other leaders in simulation, spatial intelligence, as well as Commercial Real Estate (CRE) to create a new approach to spatial planning, losci.

We use our combined decades of engineering experience analyzing over 100 million square feet to help our clients strategically optimize their space now and into the future. Our cutting-edge AI harnesses this experience and allows our clients to understand their people and space like never before. We are a client-driven team who works tirelessly to deliver outstanding results, regardless of the challenge. We believe our passion, innovation, and integrity set us apart and would love to help you and your company thrive.

Best Regards,
Ryan Parker
Founder and CEO
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