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Losci.ai delivers predictive analytics with the power to mitigate risk and address employee apprehension about Return to Operations.

Losci.ai’s Spatial Intelligence Simulation was created to help management understand the way that social distancing impacts the occupancy and utilization in the work environment. Losci.ai applies algorithm-derived learning across the workspace.

Losci.ai uses machine learning which taps existing anonymous data points (from a variety of sources and sensors) for information.

Our behavioral propensity model applies this intelligence to a specific layout, determines the probability of unsafe contact, and shows the effect on real time operational readiness & operational efficiency.

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Unsafe Contacts Identified Using Digital Twin and Propensity Models

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Occupancy of Current Environment Set Based On Your Risk Tolerance

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Specific Areas for Improvement Identified

screenshot of areas of risk of infection

Layout & Amenities Are Changed to Address Areas of Risk. Results Quantified & Communicated to Employees

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